Hi, I’m Duncan

I’m a content writer for email marketing software leader MailerLite. I write about email marketing and topics related to the tool’s landing page and website-building features. You can see my words on the MailerLite blog, website, and our weekly newsletter.

I spent 4 years as a freelance writer before joining MailerLite. During this time, I honed my skills writing for various B2B software and service providers, including Tribe, Act! CRM, babelforce, and Black & White Zebra.

I always have a side project on the go, and I love testing my digital marketing skills by building websites with no-code tools.

My biggest project is The Boardwalk, a blog and newsletter about menswear trends 👔 that I grew to over 40,000 monthly visits. My current project is Statheap.app, a statistics search engine that makes it easy for B2B marketers to find correctly sourced statistics to use in their content.

My latest posts

6 Patterns I Noticed After Generating 2,880 Clicks from Google Discover

Google Discover can generate serious traffic for the websites it features, but the algorithm that powers it is a bit of a mystery. This article highlights six patterns in the pages on my site that have generated traffic from the platform.

Community-Led Growth: The Key to Acquisition, Expansion, and Retention?

Communities have long formed around well-loved brands. But this is normally a side-product of growth, not the driving force. This article explores how brands can choose to put community at the center of their growth strategy.

Forget the Long-Term: These Content Strategies Have an Instant Impact

Content strategies like SEO and social media take time to pay off. But a long-term focus isn’t always practical for founders and teams that need their marketing investment to pay off today. This article explores four strategies that drive instant results.

The Complete Guide to Effective Customer Onboarding

Good customer onboarding can lead to long-term success for your customers—and by extension—your business. Get it right, and users will quickly see the value of your product and stick around for the long-term.